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Department of Meteorology


Department of Meteorology

The department was established in 1395 Hijri (1975AD) as one of the four main departments of the faculty. The department offers diplomas, Bachelor as well as Master degree and Doctor of Philosophy degree in Meteorology. Meteorology is an applied science that interacts with many branches of science. Meteorology benefited from the progress of communication and information technology, and weather and climate have become an important part of everyone’s daily life.


Leadership and excellence in the fields of meteorology and its applications to meet the aspirations of the community.


Prepare scientifically qualified cadres in the field of meteorology, which it characterized by applied and research skills to meet the needs of the community and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.


1. Prepare personnel specialized in weather forecasting, civil aviation meteorology and meteorology related to environmental, agricultural and water resources.

2. Upgrade the level of personnel and technicians working in the field of meteorology to take into account modern technological advance.

3. Develop methods and programs of synoptic and numerical weather forecasting.

4. Conduct academic research in meteorology and climate change.

5. Cooperation in the field of community service in terms of providing scientific consultancy in meteorological